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Alterations and Repairs for Clothing and Home Textiles

Our experienced Repair Specialists offer a tailored service to meet your needs, from replacement zips and length adjustments to detailed repairs and garment re-sizing. 

A tailoring service is available from all of our stores. Our experienced tailors can help you with repairs such as:

  • Shortening and lengthening of garments
  • Waist Adjustments
  • Replacements of zips and pockets
  • Re-stitching and mending of seems and holes
  • Bag Repairs
  • Linen and Curtain Adjustments

Our experts offer a whole range of repairs and alterations for clothes, or leather products.


  • Dry Cleaning everyday items 
  • Wedding Dress cleaning 
  • Suede & Leather cleaning 
  • Laundry 
  • Repairs & Alterations 
  • Duvet & Curtain Cleaning 


Q: Are you able to remove any mark from a garment?
A: Although we can’t guarantee to remove a mark, we do use top quality products and our colleagues are highly trained and willing to do everything they can to get the best result possible.

Q: How fast can you get my garments cleaned?
A: We offer a next day service.

Q: What is your Premier Service?
A: For a small extra charge you can upgrade to our Premier Service.  Your garment is re-textured, hand-finished, all pockets and linings are pressed, zips are lubricated and the item comes back on one of our recyclable hangers.

Q: Are you able to launder bedding?
A: Yes, everything from a pillowcase to a duvet.

Q: What kind of repairs and alterations can you do?
A: We offer a professional Repairs and Alteration service, from shortening & lengthening hems, sleeves, replacing new zips on trousers, skirts, coats & jackets.  Taking in or letting out.  Curtain alterations and much more.